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Lawns are heavy feeders and require regular applications of nutrient dense fertilizers.   We offer a four step application of fertilizers which is recommended to maintain a green and weed free lawn. 

Step 1: The ideal time to begin these steps is March to mid-April. Our early spring fertilizer is a crabgrass and spurge preventer. This provides a barrier to weeds and kills them as they germinate from seeds. You can prevent them from becoming a problem later in the summer by eliminating them now. 

Step 2: Weed and feed is formulated to give your lawn exactly what it needs when it needs it. This herbicide kills dandelions and other weeds and also gives your lawn a good feeding of iron. The ideal time for step 2 is 4-6 weeks after step 1. 

Step 3: This step should be applied from the middle of June through the end of July when the heat of summer is at it's peak. This slow release fertilizer will help maintain a dark green color and optimize efficient water utilization. 

Step 4: This final application of fertilizer is the most important feeding of the year. Your lawn's energy from the fertilizer will be stored in the roots and used over the winter to power-up your lawn the following spring. The root system of your lawn remains active until the ground freezes which gives it time to store up nutrients and recover from the summer heat. This step should be applied the beginning of September through the end of October. 

*Additional applications are available based on what your lawn requires. Ask our crew about formulating a treatment that fits your needs! Options include weed and feed, iron, and nitrogen treatments.*

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